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Mapping::Build Programs

A general idea depicting what should be entered in the Build Programs tab, always change the directories to accomodate your file structure.


Under Configuration:
Choose Street Wars. :-)

Under Game Executable:
Enter the path to hl.exe

The build programs:
Providing you've picked up the latest version of Zoner's Half-Life Tools
and extracted them to a directory (mine is c:\zhlt) this should be rather easy.
Just match each program up to it's individual directory.

Under Place compiled maps in this directory before running the game:
This is where you'll want to specify the path to your Street Wars maps' folder.
My folder is "c:\games\half-life\streetwars\maps".

An astute reader may pick up that the directories are different from Game Configurations.
This has no effect on map compiling, as long as your paths point to the correct file, it does not matter how the final compile will end up :)

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