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A Tribute to Mr. Cockrum
A lot of coding done for StreetWars was done at home, but it could not have been done without the help of our Advanced C++ Programming teacher Kelly Cockrum. In class it was the learning stage, as we did not have a machine to test the compiled .dll file on, we simply did our best to learn the ways of the Half-Life code. He was nice enough to allow us to work on the MOD as a seperate project, due for a grade at the end of the semester.

Mr. Cockrum has been our inspiration for this project - ever since he let us work on the coding portion of the project in class :)

"It's those two sneaky little shi-shirts..."

"Close your buttwings"

"If you thought number one was good....wait till you play number two!"

"The next bang 'em up - shoot 'em up - cut 'em up"

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