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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. What is Street wars?
2. How can I join the MOD team?
3. When will the first alpha/beta be available?

1. What is Street Wars?
Street Wars is a Half-Life 2 modification. It is currently in pre-production. The basis of the MOD is two teams (law enforcement) vs. street thugs, common thieves (drug dealers, etc.). We are planning long and hard for game play that delivers realism, while still being a game -- which allows you to have fun. We have several influences on this and we hope the end product to be a cross between several movies, games, and life experiences.

2. How can I join the MOD team?
At the heart of the MOD team is a group of friends. We are not really recruiting help right now. When we have things rolling we may be in need of third-party mappers or something. Right now it's just too early to tell.

3. When will the first alpha/beta be available?
Hmm, so you're asking us to give you a release date based upon a game built by a company that can't even hold their release dates?! I'm only kidding :) It is hard to specify a release date this far off (even a ballpark figure). On top of that, I, sic1, do not believe in giving out release dates which could possibly be held up because of a miniscule bug or problem. There will be plenty of teasers and hints. Basically, it'll be done when it's done!