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Tuesday September 6, 2005: Alpha testing (again)
This is an update which references the last alpha test (Alpha 3.1). I'd like to give a special thanks to JohnStarr for helping us test. It wasn't quite as fun as 3.0 as I've heard, but the test was definitely showing off some progress!

On another note, the next map has already begun production! Concept art was already created for the map and work has begun on an early layout.

College is back in session for all of us on the team and we are still quite determined to follow the game through.

Posted by sic1 @ 8:07PM

Thursday June 9, 2005: Alpha testing
Aside from the lingering GameSurge problems, I do have awesome news to report... earlier tonight we had another alpha test! I've compiled a list of bug fixes while playing (that was so helpful). I also recorded a demo of the event for my own archives (weighing in at nearly 50 megs). Special thanks goes to: Ophd4, Scuba, Sumi, and CraZyItalian.

At the very least, this will give the mappers something to work (and play) with until the next release. Allow me to leave you with a quote from irc following the alpha test:
		<Ophd4> wow
		<Ophd4> wow.
		<Ophd4> that was...
		<Ophd4> wow.
Posted by sic1 @ 10:45PM

Thursday June 2, 2005: Rolling my balls.
The developmental ball is starting to roll once again now that we have the time. I am proud to add a new mapper to the team Scuba Steve. He brings quite a lot of mapping experience to the department.

GameSurge (where our IRC channel is located for those who don't know) has been under DDoS attacks for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully that will be sorted out soon, otherwise we may look for another network.

In other news, we are already planning for our next internal release. Also, we're in the process of moving the forums - so if the link doesn't work once in a while don't break out your 9!

Posted by sic1 @ 3:46PM

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